Conference aims

Deepening the mutual relations of automotive industry with research institutes like academia, research centers and private companies is considered to be the ultimate goal of this conference. We, as conference organizers in Iran University of Science & Technology, believe this goal can be achieved through following topics:

- To keeping up-to-date with the current and future trends of automotive technologies

- To develop a rich network of researchers, technologists and job creators in automotive industry

- To showcase the recent advancements of national automotive industry to improve public impression

- To improve the policy making procedure of automotive industry

- To investigate the automotive industries advancement policies with focus on national production capabilities at i- ndustry, supply chain and market levels

- Implementation of knowledge-based economy in automotive industry focusing on clean technologies in car production (Industry 4.0) and clean cars

- Modern financing, fundraising and venture capital investment methods

- Innovation-based management and entrepreneurship

- Innovation ecosystem in automotive industry such as open and close innovations

- Futurology in automotive industry and game changing technologies in industry and market

Conference Topics

Different fields necessary for the advancement of automotive industries in the second step, in the whole added value chain (Design and production of materials, parts and subsystems and automobile as a whole, sales and after sales services to the clients and the industry) in different macro and micro levels (industry, national and international) will be dealt with in this conference, in the two main branches:

A) Policy making in science, technology and innovation

  • Large scale industry policy making
  • Market regulation
  • Financing and fundraising methods
  • Ecosystem for innovation and management of knowledge based firms and startups
  • Futurology and scenario making
  • Parts and system supply chains and their configurations
  • Distribution and service networks and their configurations

    B) Engineering sciences and novel technologies

  • Novel technologies at vehicle and system levels (modern powertrains, energy consumption and environment, intelligentization and control, safety, etc)
  • Novel technologies in design (modular agile development methods, product lifecycle management, VR, etc)
  • Novel technologies in materials and parts (light weighting, smart materials, reliability, life and quality, etc)
  • Novel technologies in vehicle applications (autonomous vehicles, communications, ITS, connected cars, etc)
  • Novel technologies in vehicle production and industry 4.0
  • Novel technologies in related enterprises (big data, cooperative vehicles, shared cars, value added services, etc)





Important Dates

  • Full Paper Submission Deadline: 11 October 2020
  • Final Decision on Abstracts: 5 November 2020
  • Final Deadline for Conference Sign-up: 20 November 2020
  • Conference: 22-23 December 2020

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